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Hereunder you will find the first text inspired by the universe created and illustrated by Edouard Guiton. Dive in these lines with caution, and remember that the Alderney Case is not for the faint of heart.



NOTE: Margaret Miller, a 28-year-old nun, employed in an orphanage in the county of Dorset (south of England) was charged for torture, sexual abuse and murder of 17 residents of the Dorset County Orphanage. The incidents took place over a period of 7 years between 1945 and 1952.

Extract from the Dorset Herald published on 16th November 1952

Horror at the orphanage – the suspicions surrounding Margaret Miller, the 28-year-old nun arrested over the weekend at the Dorset County Orphanage, were confirmed following yesterday’s discovery of new damning evidence. Her involvement in the murder of 17 children whose bodies were exhumed on the orphanage’s grounds is now indisputable.

The police have not made a statement as to the grounds of the arrest but it [Content missing]

Conclusion of Margaret Miller’s psychiatric evaluation conducted by Dr. P. Sommerset

The determining factors of Margaret Miller’s psychogenesis – physical violence and early sexual abuse – as well as the lack of emotion in her actions and their consequences reveal extremely Machiavellian psychopathic tendencies. There is no known viable treatment and a repeat offence is certain if she is released.

Notes from S. List

Subject no. 7: The nurse

The subject’s measure of assimilation is one of the highest that I have ever observed. However, she is self-receptive and remains impervious to any outward manifestations. Her potential for alteration, although recognised, does not seem to be very developed. However, we will soon have two new test subjects in order to have a better understanding of her capacities.

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