The man with the broken face

Report from Doctor Reinfield, Chief Physician at the Alderney convalescence centre from 1919 to 1928

  • Eugène Louis JACQUOT
  • Born on 27/02/1899 (54 – Meurthe-et-Moselle, France)
  • Rank: Private
  • Corps: 17th Chasseur Regiment

The patient presents several injuries to the face sustained during combat. The right side of the cheekbone has been crushed, which resulted in the eye being ablated. A part of the cheek has been torn and the mandible fractured at two points (condyle and horizontal branch). A tissue transfer was carried out to repair tissue trauma. Cartilage and bone grafts were also carried out but were ultimately rejected. The face is severely and irreparably damaged which has led to, as in most similar cases, a profound shock to the patient. A return to civilian life is clearly not conceivable in the immediate future or in the short term.

Painter: Martin Grandbarbe